AN1 Portable Concrete Batch Plant

Portable Concrete Batch Plant from Anzeo Technologies –
an economical, efficient and simple solution.

Anzeo Portable Batch Plant 


Plant length

52 feet

Plant height

14 feet

Plant width

8 feet

Mixer loading clearance

13 feet

Bin loading width

12 feet

Bin loading height

9 feet

Aggregate bin capacity

30 cubic yards

Sand bin capacity

30 cubic yards

Cement bin capacity

30 tons

Power service requirement

120A, 120/208V, 3 phase

Hydraulic system

45 GPM – Open Center

Hydraulic oil tank capacity

20 gallons

Hydraulics operating pressure

2,000 psi

Low oil / over-temp protection


Air compressor

3 hp, 208V, 120psi

Low air pressure alarm


Water metering

FLONET Induction flow meter, no internal moving parts

Aggregate discharge rate control


Cement augur discharge rate

Single speed, hydraulic drive

Conveyor belt

36″ x 3/8″, multi-ply, multi-rib, hydraulic drive

Plant structure support

8 point

AN1 Batch Controls


  • Power service –
    Diesel, 4 cylinder, hydraulic / electric
  • Truck saddle tank fill water line & control
  • Aggregate bin extensions
  • 45 tone cement silo
  • Dust collection


  • Plant control via hardwired or wireless portable PC connection
  • Load audit trail tracks ingredient in each load and also is stored in PC for administrative tasks at later date
  • Computerized control monitors various components of the plant, warns operator of anomalies
  • Indicating lights within control panel make troubleshooting quick and easy
  • Low oil pressure/ high oil temperature will stop the plant before major equipment failure occurs
  • Low air pressure warning signal will warn operator and eventually stop the operation if not corrected in time
  • Conveyor belt slippage will warn operator of imminent belt overload, requiring intervention
  • Low agg / cement inventory prevents batching until product is added to meet the load requirements
  • “NO-LOAD” signal light warns loader operator – “scaling in progress, don´t add product to scales”
  • Commonly used hardware – mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical – may be obtained locally for speedy return to service in case of break-down
  • All equipment is powered by hydraulics, except for pneumatic gate cylinders – minimizing air moisture concerns